from within

To Son

Hey, my little hazelnut pimple…

Hug me with your broody dark eyes.

Your lost memory…

But I remember so clear, so simple

The day you fell into me from the skies.

Pluto’s dance with his sister, the Moon

In deep aquamarine Neptunian sea

Many years later and not a day too soon

I’m living in you, and you’re living in me.

Your ancient soul  is learning fast

Hidden lessons of this human experience.

So fast…

The first conscious smile and a ‘huh’

To the tale of our walk that I told…

You understood!

Sending my heart into a somersault.

Your glorious entry into the first step

That none of us could ever forget…

In the door frame, a look of wonder

In your face; you fall

And crawl away out of sight

To step out again and again,

With a victorious cry,

My innocent showman,

This memory makes me sigh..

So many unfolded as years went by,

The preciousness of them not to conceal.

My little boy, my grown up man,

As we part, with a heart breaking ‘good bye’

We both know and feel

To be bound by an invisible thread.

The one true love of my life, I thank you

For all that you are, and for all that we had.


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