from within


Infatuation?… or Love. Obsession?… or Love.

Lusty sex in the groan of a bedstead,

Masking the sound of forgiveness…

Wild emotions, tucked away, hidden,

Nothing will ever be said.

Only the heart stood a silent witness

To the dark trail of shadows, forbidden

From resurrection. But have we forgotten

To shuffle the karmic cards of our will?

The fierce clasp on the heart’s seal,

Bitterly sworn in the moonlight stain..

In Mercy they prayed for the souls of those

Who died and are mourned to be born again,

Locked in the interstate of a ghost…

Undisturbed by watching the reel of past deeds,

Their tears gracing the memory’s grave,

Yellow stems gently breathing Deliverance:

“Forgive me, forget me. You are free. You are safe”.


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