from within

Kissing the small of your back,

The fire burns in your limbs, let it rise,

A million miles per second, it bursts into your eyes.

Pelvis to pelvis sitting, all wrapped around, life in the making,

The hot of your skin, my stomach is breaking,

Let me enter onto you

But hold, oh hold it, the night is still young,

Melt us as One, one heartbeat, one breath, one lung.

Drive me into submission

Knelt on the altar of your desire,

Sweat, the holy water of unworldly fusion,

The pulsating rhythm takes you and I higher,

But not yet, oh not yet, my King,

Hold it, hold it unspent,

Like a willow to your will I bend.

Kiss the delicate milk of my thigh,

Let me dissolve into your body,

In your arms to slowly die.

But not yet, oh withhold it please,

The night lasts forever, my tease.

Let me run my teeth into your lips,

Bursting with blood, from hours kissing,

You lay onto me, oh hold it for longer,

While I feel every drop of your hunger..

Time collapses in your last quiet breath,

You die, and I live in your glorious death

As vermillion dawn pulls us asunder.



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