from within

You. It. All.

Brighter, fresher, taller

Becoming with each passing day.

Fear of loss has melted away,

Left me with this sudden lightness..

So unusual. But hear me out.

After having absorbed the pain

Of your dimly lit world, void of brightness.

The hot lava of your volcanicity

Burning for months, leaving me ill,

Night on night added, no balance

Of sun against shadow, crushing my will.

To learn of your ‘you’

Wrapped myself in your twilight

The colour of indigo blue..

Yes, having absorbed your reality

I understood

The relentless viscera of your Being

And mine. But hear me out.

Remember Inception?

Not really US, or YOU this deception!

A fantasy, countless centuries old,

Walking dead chasing it into the graves,

To phantom reality mindless slaves.

A dream within dream is this world..


Hear me out! It.

‘It’…  steps not into Darkness or Light…

Nor echoes the ruinous speak of a body…

Or follows treacherous tales of the Mind’s spite…

Heads fight battles, and hearts seeking peace…

We find our ‘It’ in all this.

‘It’ is not ‘you’, but you are the wholesome ‘It’,

Untouchable, invincible, endless, invisible,

Conceived in the fold of Unknown, in its timeless beat.

Brighter, fresher, taller…  yes, and I need

To admire and love both ‘you’ and your ‘It’.

Compassion.. the only point, my brother,

Transcending the Self and accepting each other,

Decomposing ‘you’ through the lows and highs,

The gloom of the gloom, locked in the dungeon,

And the soaring ‘It’, looking up to the skies..

Heart beating, blood boiling, mind racing. Alive!

Within Stillness of Love – all embracing.

You.  All. WHOLE.  ‘It’ within never dies.




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