from within

Feeble Words

What do I feel?

What if feelings and words don’t go together?

Words are invisible droplets of sound

A torrent of noisy muteness hitting the ground.

Nothingness of declarations

Love and hate, empty exchanges leading nowhere…

Words, failing the story of body, mind and soul ache..

Words, words, words… a biggest mistake

Of humanity; spitfire roasted emotions

Expressed as a sound wave in all its absurdity…

Do I not know another language of feeling?

My arms holding you in silence and meaning..

Do you feel my eyes

Speaking to you? A throbbing sound of soul,

So enchantingly naked this true conversation…

What words can replace a sense of elation

When you smile at me?

The language of this Universe in the wind..

In the gentle caress of your hand..  in a kiss of a child…

Words fail the feelings… words, the feeble construct of the Mind.



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