from within

Damaged People

Whispering curses fall from your broken lips

In the twilight of past memory and tomorrow.

Your hearts simmer and shift and many a beat skip.

The blaming game, blame for humanity that you borrow.


That terrible something happened way back in time,

But the mind vulture circles it, grasping and stubborn.

Before now your pain has never been mine,

So you moved it in, like a skeleton cupboard


Never opened, and the wounds never healed,

Damaged people bleeding on with no repair…

Let me step into the Darkness, so I could feel

The suffocating void of your eternal despair.


Damaged people flocking together to feed

In spaceless and grim corridors of entangled minds,

No light switches to flip and an unspoken need

To breathe in the sunshine and leave the prison behind.


Your pointing finger traces the route in my soul’s map.

And every gesture today triples your yesterday’s pain.

The Great Canyon of suffering stops you from crossing the gap,

And you stab yourselves in your hearts, again and again…


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