from within

You Say

You say I am a Black Soul Rider,

That I belong in a murky sewer.

You say my faith will never burn brighter,

That I am neither Thinker or Doer.


You say I prefer to seek adulation,

Dismissing sincerity of my writing.

You say I am nothing but manipulation,

A dumb blond who thrives on fighting.


You say I am a sycophant leech,

Parasitically sucking your good intention.

You say I am an impersonated breach

Of all that’s considered love creation.


You say I am a maggot destined to fester

On a heap of leftovers from evolved humanity.

You say I am an Ego riddled tester

Of your balance and your inner sanity.


You say that cows and puppies dwarf me

In the expression of grace and inner nobility.

You say I am a soulless politician

Used to maneuvering amidst hostility.


I say the mirror of those expressions

Is your wounded soul searching for meaning.

I say I will heal from those transgressions,

You’ll remain the forever murderous killing.


And I know my infinite ‘Ego-egg’ love

Observing your ‘Ego-less’ crushing of bones,

Will carry me from within… through above,

While you cast..  the first Biblical stones.


I say my heart and my spirited voice

Anally fisted from all you convey

Is slowly waking to one simple choice:

In my life… matters not… what you say.



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