from within

Love Hole

An entry into your explanations

Which I didn’t seek from Adam.

Beautiful thoughts compilations,

Combat extractions with blood on them.


Hide and seek behind the worn curtain

Of past experiences and betrayed choices.

Entered your world blissfully certain,

And left with conflicting voices.


A mindful touch without physical carrier,

Or was it a mindless feast of the ‘I’?

I fell through the gaps of my pitiful barrier,

While yours remained fortress like high.


My tenderness blossomed in isolation,

Thrown into the occult of oblivion.

Pebbles of wisdom in your explanation

Of cracking the hearts and leaving them.


What remains is a puddle of burgundy blood

From the heart lovingly wrapped in tissue.

A broken valve used to controlling the flood,

But of course this is not your issue.


The bodily parts to collect and to mend,

Arteries sawn to the slivers of brain.

The Hadean feast has come to an end.

Creator, please kiss me to life again!


Whether Apple of God made us crazy or sane,

And the love battlefield was evenly matched –

This hole of love will forever remain

In each one of those you painfully touched.


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