from within

Nothing difficult to understand about this.

Here is the nature of the abyss

I want you to know:


That composure gained in contemplation

Often breaks down in cold light of the day.

And that is OK.


That the butterflies take sudden reign

Like a swamp of vicious wasps in the stomach.

We feel pain.


That supreme confidence does not set us free

From feeling at times small and unloved.

Confidence halved.


That sometimes tears swell in our eyes

Coming from both sunshine and rain

Cannot explain.


That taking each step towards the Sun

Makes the Shadow grow deeper and longer.

Both weaker and stronger.


That the fear often acts as a drug,

Blinding us to own perception.

With no exception.


That ‘creative’ will always mean ‘tension’

With a smidgen of ‘loss’ thrown in.

All is not ‘win’.


That today’s violent gust of emotion

Will replace yesterday’s calm and still.

Again ill.


That a great wave of doubt enters these shores

And sweeps us away screaming, into the sea.

Let it be.


That the call of the unknown crashes the comforts

Of the familiar, making us hot and queasy.

Nothing easy.


That anticipation of the coming day can make us afraid,

And the night becomes a useless comforting buffer.

We suffer.


That there are no definite answers to anything

No matter how much we believe and know.

This is flow.


That this is a breathing and feeling experience

On the see-saw of daily life and death.

To die and be born every day.

All bless.



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