from within

Crush And Burn

We choose another, and we get chosen.

A trial and error, we get on with life.

Memories of what once was remain frozen,

Stuck like a skilfully thrown knife.


Fixed to the point where promises cuddled

And carried us through the dreamy landscape

Of a brand new love; the senses muddled

With grand expectations of a blissful escape.


To the place where our flaws are accepted as virtues,

And the virtues become an eternal seal,

Unconditional bond of the soulful nurture,

Celebrated to love, to protect and to heal.


And we carry this innocent child like vision

When the fire of love turns the wood into ash.

The divine and the mortal meet in collision

Burning embers of passion suddenly crush.


Time again molten furnace is left in the frame

Of living feelings and hurt for good measure.

Yet, we stubbornly vow to search for the name

Of the one whom we’ll cherish and treasure.


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