from within

The moment is gone. In the beautiful distance

Of time, through our mightily felt regrets

It smiles as the mind’s futile resistance

Offers the ‘ifs’, rearranging the blacks and the reds.


Red: if a hint of a smile you could only read

In my lips through that day of nagging and scolding,

In the moment of my undeclared need

When I was shouting silently ‘Hold me’,


Would you step outside of your wounded self,

Throw me the arms of protective ring.

No words to be said; or would I have

Walked the sharp egg shells in the offering?


Black: if you wake up in the deepest blue,

The pounding heart of descending into Morpheus Hell,

In the moment of greatest vulnerable you

The scariest journey you are unlikely to tell,


Would I rip off the shimmering silver lining

Of the cloud that haunts you within,

Gently wrap you in it; or would I indulge in declining

Your need for withdrawal as selfish and mean?


In the beautiful distance that moment is gone,

Smiling and not to be answered ‘how’.

Through the riveting lessons every second is born

In the past and the future completeness of ‘now’.



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