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31.07.15 Phnom Penh Flat Elephant Candle (5)There are no enlightened humans. Some humans simply stopped pretending that Reality is anything, but what is right in front of them. The Reality of their lives made them drop all pretence.

31.07.15 Phnom Penh Flat Elephant Candle (5)Logic and Imagination are curious artefacts of a human Mind. They are useful tools in navigating Reality, but are NOT Reality.

31.07.15 Phnom Penh Flat Elephant Candle (5)Clarity of Vision is the only true measure of Enlightenment. The rest are simply human sales techniques.

30.05.14 Trincomalee Scenes (1)

Sri Lanka, Trincomalee: Cemetery by the Ocean

At some point I will create a page devoted specifically to Jed McKenna. Since bumping into him here in SE Asia and then discovering the true nature of the man beyond his books and his online presence – my realization of how things REALLY are and just how much the ‘enlightenment gig’ is a lie – has deepened considerably. Everything written by me in the past year or so has been testament to deepening in Clarity and seeing what is.

Self, Truth Realization, Enlightenment – are non existent imaginary dreams, well packaged and sold by many different ‘teachers’. Sitting in front of the computer and dispensing wisdom certainly beats 12 hour shifts in a factory or headaches of working in a call centre or even running own business. As for Jed.. well, he enjoys red wine, riding a dirtbike and Asian working girls, they are cheap here.

Right. Let’s go back to the title of this post. The statement ‘What I am is never born and so never dies’ has been repeated on and on by snake oil spiritual sellers, especially of the modern day non duality paradigm. Let’s examine it, and all I write is written from direct experience, not by way of logical conclusion. But words are all we have, so here goes…

‘Never born – never dies’ sentence is baseless, misleading and serves as a Terror Management Theory.

First, it is baseless because there is no ‘universal awareness’ outside the body. The body houses a human consciousness, and with it – awareness. A baby is conceived and at some point the fetus has enough of a developed central nervious system to begin to aware. It happens inside the womb, long before the baby is born. It happens in the same way a worm will become aware. The only difference is humans also have the capacity to become SELF aware. This is what separates us from the animals. Human Awareness does not precede the body. If one doubts that, they only need to ask themselves ‘Where was me at the time when the pyramids were being built?’

Second, it is misleading because humans take the statement from so called ‘enlightened’ beings literally, as some evidence that there is eternal life. How good does it sound – never dies, huh??….. Pretty good if you ask me, and who wouldn’t wish for that, right? But this is no more than a conscious (and occasionally unconscious) marketing trick, a promise of something when for a truly self realized there exists nothing to be realized. But it is hard to sell ‘nothing’ in its base form. ‘Nothing’ doesn’t sell.

Third, it serves as a Terror Management Theory, because an overwhelming majority of  humans are uncomfortable at the thought of own impending physical Death. Let’s make it clear… there is no evidence of survival of individual Consciousness, no one has ever come back to report. Countless humans perished with no recall… how hard is it to not see the obvious? Apparently, very hard, beliefs and wishful thinking have a tight grip on Humankind.. humans want to believe the fairytale and invest their energy into the non existent as a way of comforting themselves.

There are also two other, purely mental aspects to the statement ‘never born – never die’. First, Self The Character has no identifiable properties, cannot be found anywhere. Show me the Character… it exists in one’s imagination and nowhere else. From that perspective it doesn’t exist at all. Logically it seems then… it was never born. Logically then… what was never born – can never die.

But logic, this by-product of Human Mind is NOT Reality, because Human Mind itself is not Reality. The Reality is that all will perish. No exceptions. We are all slowly moving in the same direction – towards the grave.

Second, a human is unborn, because anything, absolutely ANYTHING you have ever done here on this planet – is meaningless. You will be gone, there will be no trace of you, and even for those whose names echo in history.. what do they care? They are dead, no trace left of their existence, other than some dusty books. At the moment of one’s Death a human is retroactively UNBORN. None of it ever happened. Your life has never happened. You never happened.

This needs to be integrated on a cellular level, to stop one indulging in fantasies of ‘never born-never die’. In the meantime.. think of all those who benefit from the said and the ways in which they benefit.. and then live their lives to the full.

Don’t be a fool. Live your life as if there is no tomorrow. It is the only one you will ever have.

Rotting TomatoI am going to start a series on what you would call ‘debunking enlightenment’ posts. As it happens I travelled the same path as Jed MCKenna, and I got to know him well, even once in his physical form. But let me tell you something… there is NOTHING in the end of it all. But ‘nothing’ would not sell well, would it? Hence, the mysterious language, mistranslated terminology from Eastern traditions, ‘gurus’ peddling the goods behind the facade of ‘enlightenment’ and thousands of other gimmicks leading one down the rabbit hole. ALL is a Lie, Jed got that one right. He spoke about that.. and then has BECOME that, turning into an enlightenment market trader. Considering we inhabit the same part of the world and things that take place here.. it would make a book or two.

Anyway… ‘Truth exists’, said Jed. This looks convincing, does it not? Comforting and cosy, something to hold on to in this vast ocean of ‘What the f*ck is going on, I need a rudder!!’. But. Is the tree true? Is Jed McKenna true? Is the sun true? Where is true? It does not exist. ‘True’ arises in the conceptual framework of the Mind. ‘MY Self’ as is known to most humans – has no existential Reality, a collection of stored neural pathways and perceptual schematics.

But here is the paradox, of course. There is no point in denying that we, each one of us, still feel unique, continuous of our being. We feel the centre whioch makes us – us. Stardustpilgrim (someone from said: “It seems that for most people here there isn’t an individuated true self or essence, there is merely Self, or the body as response to the cosmos, the mind-body being an expression of the whole cosmos. But for me, yes, there is an individuated essence, true self.”

My entire being, too, objects to the belief in the absence of individualted Self. This belief throws people off exactly because it is so contradictory to their being, to how they experience and interact with the world. This was one of my points of divergence with Jed, who kept insisting (until very recenty, crazy son of a b*tch) – ‘no self’. But Jed has books to sell and students to fool. I don’t. This is indeed THE IRONY… spiritual ‘teachings’ tell us there is no true self at all, yet many a teacher is well set up and thriving. Have you ever questioned why they shamelessly teach humans b*ullsh*t? And have you ever wondered just WHY the three major religions/spiritual thoughts of the world are different in the way they address certain things? I have an answer to that, but it is outside of this particular instance of vomit.

Our true Selves have been suppressed, continuously lasered out of us, we were presented with millions of reflections of others, mirrored them, integrated what is not us – into our psyche. It started at birth, with the first breath when the good doctor placed you on your mum’s chest and said ‘Hey, he is a whopper’.. Take all that indoctrination out, take ALL OF IT out.. what is left? Nothing? Really? Have another look. Maugli might have been hopping the trees in the jungle with other monekys, but he was not nothing. A dog is not nothing, it has its true Self, albeit without being aware of it. A child is NEVER born as a blank slate, and those who had a few – will tell you how dfferent they were even as babies.

What is left? My true nature, as at moment of conception. Unspoilt. Natural State. What is it? Sweet? Bitter? Mighty? Canning? Callous? Concerned? Can I murder another human in cold blood? Do I like running marathons because my body needs a challenge?. Do I thrive on taking things apart to see how they work? Do I feel compelled to create a work of art? Can I overcome a fear of a bungee jump? Do I naturally keep my cool in the face of adversity or turn into a whimpering wreck?

True Self is. True Self exists. If you, as you are now here, were born EXACTLY as you are – in ancient Egypt… imagine that for a minute. Now, you would worship Osiris and would charcoal your eyes and would work the field or whatever… But your ESSENCE, as is now here in the modern world – would still be the same John or Mary. You would exhibit the same preferences for certain types of food, (but it wouldn’t be pizza!), drink, sleeping and sex positions. You would have the same inclinations for activities (say, sedenary versus active), you would be prone to the same illnesses, would display the same phsychological traits, the same semen count and the colour of your eyes. It is unchangeable.

All that and its being consitutes your true Self. But we are talking here in this forum essentially about human ‘psyche’, not the colour of your eyes, right? The psyche has the same properties in each human, but it manifests according to both true Self and the experienced personal reality, i. – your unique life stories.

So what the heck are you, your true Self, and why do people get so confused when encounting the question for the first time? Because it is asked outside of any context. If I asked you ‘What is this apple?’…. what would you answer? There are hundreds of different angles (contexts), with which to answer this question, and each one would be correct. They will be the total sum of all that the apple is: a fruit, tasty, my favourite thing, crunchy, round, grows in Winchester, fresh smell, rots fast, full of iron etc. etc. etc….

You are the sum total of all the above, expressed in human terms. Yes, the property of crunchy-ness is universal. We are all the same undifferentiated Consciousness floating in the vast field of cosmic nothing. But YOU may be crunchier than me. Or sweeter. Or smaller. Or juicier. Or harder. And so on. So what ARE you, your true Self? An easy question to answer, the meaning of which is totally concealed by how it is framed. You KNOW your crunchy-ness or smell or rot. That is all you are, specifically and at birth.

“16. What is the nature of the Self?
What exists in truth is the Self alone. The world, the individual soul, and God are appearances in it. like silver in mother-of-pearl, these three appear at the same time, and disappear at the same time.”

Ramana Maharshi “Who Am I? – Nan Yar?

The world of nondualism absconds from Reality via the Oblivion Pill of denial of what IS. It insists on expressing ONLY one part of the elephant: the world of no form. But Reality is about multitudes and existence of every opposing, contradicting instance, where both form and no form co-exist without contradiction. One has to go beyond ‘spiritual’ teachings to Reality of what is.

What Is – is right in front of one’s nose and encompasses everything. That is probably the only Truth, if you still need a name, but why would you when the rain is falling, the sun is shining, your stomach is asking for food and there is a good book to read or a new message on the forum to reply to… hehe.. it is incomprehensible and totally transparent at the same time.

Someone I used to know in Sri Lanka (who was not TR, but was a Human Adult, which he wouldn’t even know to class himself as) said to me ‘I know the beauty of me’. Darn right! That’s all one needs to know – the beauty and the ugliness of your specific Self. I know mine too. I know what/who I am <========= Ego in perpetual dance with true (higher) Self which simply refuses to play the human Game of extracting resources from all and sundry.

“What exists in truth is the Self alone.” To figure out what you really are, you can contemplate this:

You are…. what is.. when no one is looking at you.

And hey… Jed McKenna will get his own special page one day. A lot of material on how.. later on that one.
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