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31.12.16 Cambodia Chroy Changva

I am currently working on a new website ‘Enlightenment Myth’ and will not post as much here for now. The new website will be devoted to two things: Reality as is, and Jed McKenna as is.

At some point most content from this place will migrate to the new site archive.

All Fictional?

Cambodia PP From The Boat

Phnom Penh River Front from Boat

I thought my reply to Brian’s comment here deserves a separate post, because it is the pinnacle of confusion, which humans endlessly debate. There is nothing to debate once all is seen with Clarity.

What you wrote are intellectual musings of the mind pretending to be spiritual ‘wisdom’.

I’ll tell you what… tonight forgo your illusory dinner and sleep under the stars on the illusory beach, you live close to it. When the bites from mosquitos and sandflies become illusory festering wounds and start ooozing pus – do not go to the imaginary doctor or visit your local pharmacy for medication – they do not exist. Do not kiss your imaginary wife, or, conversly, like Jed, kiss every imaginary female you meet (Jed’s advice huh…)

There is further which takes one full circle back to Reality. Or as Jed replied to me once when I said about not watching TV ‘It feels likes some other world out there’… his reply was ‘Yes, it’s another world, the real one…. sorta.’

He has gone full circle, knows the real and engages it (the girls and Indian curries here) fully. But the books and the Navigator will not tell you this. ‘Nothing’ means just that – nothing to know, see, understand. NOT ‘nothing’ as ‘it doesn’t exist’.

You all have been fooled.

P.S. The photo was a ruined shot taken when on the Tonle Sap river boat, but I liked it for its obvious flaws. Just like Life itself: perfect in its imperfection.

31.07.15 Phnom Penh Flat Elephant Candle (5)There is only one difference between the ‘enlightened’ and ‘non-enlightened’ humans: the enlightened know with absolute Clarity that no one can ever be enlightened.

‘Crowds are a common denominator of stench’. – Friedrich Nietzsche

 “You are.. what is.. when no one is looking at you”. This sentence came to me a few months back when I attempted to convey to someone why the question in the title confuses most humans.

What you are cannot be logically defined, but it can be explicitly known from within, and only known by you. U.G. Krishnamurti called it ‘the natural state’, but most people write into it more than there is. The Mind wants something complicated, big, even epic. But it isn’t epic. U.G. was utterly uninterested in making himself a spiritual name, was very simple in his living habits and perceptions, but this simplicity was assigned mystical qualities that he himself rejected. Humans in the majority need idols, role models, deities, right? From this perspective I understand why Jed McKenna keeps himself away from the maddening crowds of potential ‘devotees’.

Simplify. What is this natural state?


Trinco Beach

Consciousness flies solo, and I understand Solo Consciousness. It is honest, picks its nose when no one is looking, farts, thinks ‘unholy’ thoughts and, unfortunately, sometimes brings those thoughts to fruition. But Solo Consciousness knows NO PRETENCE. When a human is completely alone and not preoccupied by thoughts about other humans – they are at their most real, natural state of being. When there are no other humans around to consider – a person just is, as they are. Imagine being on a desert island… why would one pretend? Who to put up a show for when there are no humans around?

The minute another walks into the room.. see how the picture changes, and how the two Consciousnesses TOGETHER begin to put on an act and lie. They hold in their farts, stop picking their noses, begin to smile even when they don’t feel like it, start telling jokes and otherwise behave in a manner which is generally dubbed ‘civilised’. Civilised, but not what comes to them naturally.

The loss of one’s natural state. Yours is not the same as mine. Perhaps, you always giggle to yourself when alone, while I tend to be quite serious. But I am very content with Self. There is no better company than my own, and two is a crowd in my world.

P.S. The flying crow in the photo was unexpected. I wanted to take a photograph of Trinco’s deserted beach, and the crow flew in. Took me by surprise when I looked at the shots later.

January 2017 Cambodia Random Photos (2)

Phnom Penh, The Mekong River

Tell them that there is nothing to understand. – U.G. Krishnamurti

What is the difference between Jed McKenna and U.G. Krishnamurti whom Jed liberally quoted throughout his books? In the level of Seeing – there is none. Both men realised there was nothing to realise. But their respective choices of what to DO with the Knowing – are galaxies apart.

One remained true to Self, refused to monetise, to package the Knowing. The result? Died penniless, left no books, only the name which will be forgotten in a hundred years or so. This is what I call ‘integrity’. U.G. may have seemed a cranky old sod, but what does one do with mindless humans who believe there is something to search for? How does one  show them ‘enlightenment’ is no more than a clever spiritual business scheme?

I once said to Jed ‘Your books were HONEST, what happened? What made you become a lie?’ The books were written without a view to profit, unlike the Navigator Series, the money for which is received to the third party name via Western Union and is spent in ways which would put a gigolo to shame.

There was a very short period of madness in me when I wanted to write a book. Jed even gave me his blessing. That is.. until I clearly saw that the world doesn’t need another bunch of blah blah about something which has no factual reality, no existence. Books have been the reason why the notion of enlightenment has persisted throughout generations and cost humans material and emotional resources aplenty.

I simply realised that U.G.’s position is closer to what I am at core. Any book on ‘enlightenment’ would be a betrayal of Truth. But not a book on what so called ‘enlightened’ humans (Jed included) get up to post realisation. Perhaps, I will write it one day. By now I have accumulated tangible material to illustrate that there are no ‘enlightened’ beings, there are humans who saw what is – and went back into the world to milk it for all its worth.

Humans. They are divided into two categories: those who shear, and those who get sheared. It makes no difference that some get sheared to the accompaniment of mantras and noble sounding words, such as ‘truth’. I am yet to meet a really truthful being who lives in the natural state, faithful to what they really are. U.G. was that and paid the price by way of constant material struggle, both prior to his moment of realisation and after that. Jed, on the other hand, thrives here in Cambodia, which is a good indicator of the lie. I have no illusions that this last sentence would not be fully understood.

To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions.

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