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Jed McKenna once said this to me: “Endlessly entertaining, but then, that applies to everything.” to which I replied “Not everything”.

And Jed said “Really????” and I said “Really”.

Not everything is entertaining in the Dream. Jed has no responsibilities and has the means to entertain Self in the playground. But not everything is, and taking The Oblivion Pill will not destroy the harsh facts. Physical pain – is not. Knowing one will die – is not. Extreme poverty and no way of getting out of it – is not. Living in a war zone – is not.

One takes it on the chin and gets on with life… but not all is bliss. Every strand of spirituality, past and present, has been pushing the denial and Self hypnosis of Mind in order to pacify humans, away from Truth.

This is the reason why I stand alone, with no affiliation or connection to fake movements of No Self, No Ego, No Separation, All-Is-Love. Spiritual brainwashing of both modern and millenia old strands is covert and cunning, promissing Liberation… from what? From Reality of Existence which NO ONE EVER got liberated from.

The dance tune below was written by Alan Walker and is called ‘Faded’.. The lyrics version of it has nearly a billion views. Listen to it carefully. It is not about a state of bliss, but quite the opposite. Trance music is about – ABANDONMENT, in the face of The Dream. Humans unconsciously feel what is and how they will exit this world one day. They know about the ultimate meaningless of everything they are, do, achieve, enjoy. Everything must go one day, in Boundless Nothingness.

Alan Walker is a kid from England, only 20. He is a Virgo, the earthly energy of Real perception v. Ideal mental evaluation. Virgos tend to be extremely critical exactly because they see a disconnect between Reality As Is, and Reality As Imagined.

Perhaps, Alan is not aware of what he writes, but manifestation of one’s inner nature takes place regardless of whether one is being conscious of it. His is the music of cold despair. The thing is… most humans are not even aware what attracts them to trance.

trncThis was inspired by a short exchange with someone and the comment they made:

“I think faster than I type too. That’s why I’ve talked about these interactions in real time. Getting all the quirks and pleasures of being person to person. It won’t happen. We are all spread across the world here which I think is pretty damn neat. We do our best to communicate in this fashion. It’s not been a total failure playing with the words and if anything I become more and more clear on Who I Am with every interaction. “

I watched a few extremely well done documentaries about Auroville in India. At some point in the not so distant past I wanted to meet some folks who SEEM to have the same Knowing and see beyond the everyday mundane survival issues, unlike the majority.

Until.. two things occured.

First…. I realised that everyday survival IS basically all there is to life. The only purpose of life is to carry on existing for as long as possible, before Death claims it. I could expand this statement in thousands of words, but if one hasn’t gotten ‘there’ on a DNA level – it would be a waste of breath.

Second…. I realised that Human Brain is a functionally faulty, deceased creation UNABLE to evolve beyond a point where it clearly sees own deficiencies and the price that comes with them. There is a biological ‘ceiling’ to how far human brains can go, after that – nothing. Humans are nothing but glorified monkeys, myself included. There has to be an incidence of a very strong genetic mutation to occur – which could change the course of evolution on earth. But that in itself would take hundreds of thousands of years.

As species, in two million years of existence we haven’t moved an inch inside our craniums. I marvel in awe at how this has been going on in circles, from ancient Indian scriptures to Plato to European 18th century philosophers to the hippie movement of the 1960s to New Advaita – all about the same sh*T.

Auroville and any other such ‘communities’ are a doomed enterprise, have failed over and over again and will always fail. Like ‘The Beach’, which could not be sustained because humans see Form, aspire to Form, are enthralled by Form.

But Emptiness is where it all comes from.

I have no religious or spiritual background whatsoever. Looking back – this was a blessing, less of the stuff to dismantle. While people sometimes spend years and decades in the existential search, I never looked for anything prior to TR, and existential questions didn’t bother me much.

The loss of psychological self was a gradual process over the two years preceding TR. The details are not important, but in that process I stopped being affected by anything that anyone says or does. No reactivity of any kind, just obsering another’s motions, but not being touched by it.

At the same time the process of deconstruction from the world conditioning was taking place, it was torturous, painful as hell. Everything I believed I was – I wasn’t. Everything I thought about the world _ wasn’t. Mind you.. I had lived life pretty much on my own terms, but felt somehow guilty, not normal in the world which completely lacked common sense. In retrospect.. I’ve since met a few people whom I now call ‘unconsciously enlightened’, those who live from the INNER SENSE. And I was that too before it got me. Of course, now it’s clear to me that we all are enlightened, and so in its conventional sense – enlightenment is as much a fairytale as any story out there. Just that the lens of the human mind prevents most from seeing it, recognising it.

By that point I just lay myself down, both physically and metaphorically, and said ‘I don’t care. Show me, or kill me. Anything is better than this’. I surrendered. And then… I came across that passage from Jed’s online, accidentally, and immediately recognised its genuine provenance, that state of clawing madness to see, to know..

“Here’s a simple test. If it’s soothing or comforting, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy; if it’s about getting into pleasant emotional or mental states; if it’s about peace, love, tranquility, silence or bliss; if it’s about a brighter future or a better tomorrow; if it makes you feel good about yourself or boosts your self-esteem, tells you you’re okay, tells you everything’s just fine the way it is; if it offers to improve, benefit or elevate you, or if it suggests that someone else is better or above you; if it’s about belief or faith or worship; if it raises or alters consciousness; if it combats stress or deepens relaxation, or if it’s therapeutic or healing, or if it promises happiness or relief from unhappiness, if it’s about any of these or similar things, then it’s not about waking up. Then it’s about living in the dreamstate, not smashing out of it.

On the other hand, if it feels like you’re being skinned alive, if it feels like a prolonged evisceration, if you feel your identity unraveling, if it twists you up physically and drains your health and derails your life, if you feel love dying inside you, if it seems like death would be better, then it’s probably the process of awakening. That, or a helluva case of gas.”

I was exactly in that space.

So I torrented (stole) the first book and started reading. By that point the Ego (ideas, thoughts, emotions or whatever else we call ‘us’ when we aren’t that) was in a crumbled state, but I still couldn’t see Reality clearly. All I had was the dots in my mind of this and that, not connected, no fluidity, no picture, a garbled jigsaw.

I don’t remember much about it now, because my mind was on fire, a completely destroyed sense of everything I knew, a cleared demolition ground, but where was the Clarity? What was that empty space? I needed to know where I had landed.

The details were not important, the book RESONATED to an unimaginable degree. I recognised the path, because I did exactly the things Jed did: quit my job two years prior, locked myself in, with only my son and an occasional friend dropping by. Read, but it was more of a blind reading, anything concerning ‘spiritual’ matters, except I threw away one book after another – not it, not it, not it…going by the gut instinct. I remember I could open any book in the local shop at a random page and within one paragraph recognise if there was anything valuable and true in it or not. I didn’t know then anything about ‘neti neti’ or what a satsang was, but somehow allowed myself to follow own drumbeat.

Anyway… Jed’s book.. it was late evening, I read near half of it, I remember thinking ‘Tired, will continue later’, put it down and then two things happened. My mind made what felt like 180 degree turn and what I call for lack of a better word – opened up. And also perceptually it felt like one of those moments in movies, visually, when the person stands still, but everything around them suddenly spins out of focus and rapidly moves away… I got physically still and… suddenly I could SEE with my inner eye (again, just a metaphor). All the questions disappeared. All the dots got connected. I could see past this present moment into the entire human history, from the life of a bacteria and the life of a galaxy to a life of a human.. I could zoom in on the smallest detail and fly out into space, I was the Worm God – everything and nothing at the same time. I had no questions, but strangely, could see the answers, it was mind blowing.

After a few minutes of being paralised by the vision I began to laugh and cry.. must have been a sight, got a particular song out and played it on the loop, laughed and cried again. Everything looked new. Not in a ‘new’ new sense, but different like seen for the first time.

It all sounds big and mystical, but it wasn’t. Very quiet, no levitation or seeing through objects or any other such nonsense. It changed nothing – and it changed absolutely everything. For the next few days I was in a state of haze: awe, gratitude, relief, wonder, amazement.. I also wrote loads, pages and pages of stuff. new understandings pouring out of me, couldn’t stop. Was ‘I’ still present? Yes, I was there, but I was not ‘me’ as I knew, a different being. I kept dropping into a perceptive state of great expansiveness every few days, it was not the same bliss as I had known before, but I know now there are many kinds of bliss.

The thing is… I didn’t know what kind of being I had become. I want to say that it’s a myth that dissolution of Ego means Ego absence. No human being has ever lost their ego. it cannot be ‘killed’, without one you are nothing but a jellyfish. BUT. Ego can be SEEN. I saw mine, it was there, but – NOT ME!!! I had become a being without attachement to ‘me’, a clear Vision.

Around one month into this I wrote to Jed for the first time. Shifts kept coming, some days small inner movements, I could see just that little bit more, and some days massive waves, a new realisation of this and that, deeper and deeper, it carried on and actually – never stopped since, although the intensity subsided.

What followed is kinda.. Flow. I don’t bother naming things for the sake of giving a name… I don’t plan much, but do the things which need to be done, what is placed in front of me at the time it’s placed. I packed my life back in the UK and moved to Asia, because I felt suffocated back there. I don’t emote, but have feelings, like clouds, passing in succession, some stay a bit longer, some – minutes, none stick. Very few attachements, and I feel no anger or resentment or judgement towards anyone, serial killers included.

I can see through people’s games very easily, how they feel, their true intent. I have psychological tools at my disposal to destroy a person’s sense of ‘selfhood’ very fast, and it will hurt them (although nothing can be hurt, and no one hurts, people just tell themselves they do), but only do so if their Ego is shoved right in my face, and it could benefit them in some way.

I’ve learned to read. Properly read what others write, what they MEAN. And if it’s still unclear – I will simply ask questions, no petty human games with words.

I saw that our true nature cannot be changed, it’s unchangable and eternal in that sense. What one has been given from birth is what one will take away to the grave. It’s futility to fight against the Blueprint. It sounds simple, but to get this on a gut level – is not easy, and most people never do.

I am still human on the outside, ordinary and sometimes a tad unnerving for people, but ONLY for those who don’t know who they are. And those who do – don’t feel threatened.. Jed is one of those, and he got plenty of straight talk. Makes me smile, but he can take it. I’m just not crazy anymore in the way most people are out there.., and I see Life for what it is, not for whatever story, wish, desire, thought, fairytale – is carried within the mind. Aware of my state of being, and frankly.. nothing is really that important anymore.

Oh… and Death, my faithful companion – is ever present. Every day. Every few weeks I drop into that sense of physically dying, as it was when I was eight… it’s only a feeling, but boy!!! does it bring home the reality of this Existence. Death awareness has been with me for a long long time, that helped I guess.

I love life and am immensely grateful that I got a chance to experience it… until the day comes when it’s no more. And it WILL come. I have seen it.

Here… I am THIS. And if THIS can be named, and its experiences – given a word.. so be it, it is not necessary nor important to me. Love that I am – is not a noun. Ever changing, ever speeding up and slowing down, falling into Infinity that we are. No limits.

I still talk to Jed, although it is now not about Truth or the search. I could write loads, it’s multifaceted and ever present and so ordinary and yet – out of this world. But in the end of the day all comes down to this: ALL BEGINS AND ENDS – with YOU.

Life is Simplicity itself.

22.02.15 Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya (7)

What’s that?

The Ultimate Reality should probably include some of the following: God or a various assortment of Deities, Incarnation, Clairvoyance, chatting with the Diseased, alien abductions or… ah whatever, complete the list yourself, it’s not the point.

Or should it not?

The Ultimate Reality – does not exist. Never did, except in the overactive imagination of human Minds. Plenty of those minds have good reasons for being overheated. Personal survival is no trivial matter in the jungle of Life out there.

All that exists, has always existed and will always exist – is right under one’s nose.

WHAT IS. Here, Right now, Staring at you. May be – your current training/learning. May be – difficulties in your (non)existent relationship, may be – your illness or even imminent departure from this world all together…. This is the awfully sad and also life affirming Realisation of Truth… there is NOTHING beyond what is staring us right in the face, in all its messiness, complexity, beauty, cruelty, delights, disappointments etc. etc… all here, never WENT ANYWHERE, never hid from you and me.

We have just been doing a pretty damn good job of hiding – from it. Reality. Of. Life. As. Is.

When I got that a year ago, on the wave of all other mind boggling understandings… it felt tentatively unbelievable and even sickening.. I’d been ‘in the chase’ for only two years prior, but people waste their LIFETIMES going after what is essentially – another fairytale, except with the purple ribbons and a promised Nirvana.

Since then – no unicorn specimen graced me with its presence, and no God (other than my own being) told me otherwise.. but my Life has changed beyond whatever I thought possible.

It is linked to my other post Enligtenment Gig

I appreciate that the Simplicity of this vision is not what people are generally after. Unicorns are so much more enticing than seeing Truth. I have no plan. Life has THE plan, it’ll all unfold in its own timed way, and will keep unfolding. I am grateful (sometimes to tears) to be given Clarity, instead of the fog that used to plague my Consciousness, and still does millions of innocent beings out there.

Until no more. I always remember, every day. Until – no more.

05.03.15 Trincomalee Mohan's Place (2)The paradox is.. Enlightenment DOES NOT EXIST. But to gain this clear seeing – one has to become ‘enlightened’. How much of a mind fuck is that? And how many fall at this biggest hurdle?

Beautiful altered states of Consciousness are a transient fluke, a very convincing, powerful occurance which induces yearning to repeat the experience. It’s not ‘it’.

Feeling ‘in love’ with all and sundry, ready to partake in this human experience of Togetherness, however tear jerking and tender it may be (I’ve been there too) – is not ‘it’.

Death of psychological Self, as much as it removes the chaos of human emotions from the equasion and places the distance between the ‘I’ and the ‘you’ – is not ‘it’.

The purported Ego death (this biggest of lies which keeps sincere seekers chasing their own tail for posterity) – is not ‘it’.

‘Know Thyself’, as much as it makes this Life journey easier and infused with Awareness – is not ‘it’.

What IS IT, then?

Do away with the glorification of the seeking process and its side effects… and the mysticism of it all. Pink Floyd expressed it very simply, whether they were privy to this stunning and very ordinary discovery, or whether it was the precociousness of Grace… they sang this:

Breathe, breathe in the air.
Don’t be afraid to care.
Leave but don’t leave me.
Look around and choose your own ground.

Long you live and high you fly
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be.

And these last two lines – are ‘Enlightenment’.
It’s the GREATEST gig there ever was. So yeah… I’d be damned in my ‘enlightened’ being…. What else is there to say as Jed asserts… not much really.

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